We offer an online course, virtual training, and in-person training to help you and your colleagues bring mindfulness and compassion into your classrooms and lives.

Online course:

Overworked? Experiencing burnout? Feeling stressed? As an educator, you are not alone.

Mindfulness and compassion may be your ticket to a fulfilled, grounded, joyful life (and classroom). If you infuse compassion and mindfulness into YOUR day-to-day, your students will learn from your actions.

Educators learn how to cultivate compassionate classrooms through personally embodying self-compassion, mindfulness, and compassion in the classroom.


Take our online course "Compassion in the Classroom"



In-person or virtual training:

Stanford-trained compassion teacher, Sara Schairer, leads experiential and inspiring workshops to help educators learn and feel the basics of compassion. Using guided visualizations and partner exercises, Sara creates an environment where thought-provoking discussions challenge participants to notice their judgements toward themselves and others. Through this awareness, self-compassion and compassion for others emerge.

Compassion can help prevent burnout and increase overall well-being of educators. Another benefit of this course is that students are more inclined to "compassion it" in the classroom if they see it modeled by their teachers and administrators.


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Testimonials from educators:

"The best workshop I have ever attended!"

"Wow!!! This was extremely impressive and a powerful message. So simple, yet so important!"

"Excellent. The flow and choice of activities was so appropriate."

"Powerful and moving - fastest 3 hours!"


Want to make compassion a priority in your classroom?  Check out our free Compassion It lesson plan!

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