Compassionate Leadership Development

Research indicates that compassionate leaders are seen as stronger, and their employees are more engaged.

Compassionate leaders show true concern for their employees, they value connection, and they listen with an intent to understand. This creates trust, loyalty, joy, and collaboration within a team. 

Often misunderstood, compassion doesn’t imply weakness or a “soft” approach to leadership. Instead, compassionate leaders work to help their employees thrive, which includes firm and constructive feedback. As Brené Brown says, “Clear is kind.”


Compassion Makes Good Leaders Great.

Partner with Compassion It in developing your leadership team and rising stars to become more compassionate and effective leaders. Along with the basics of compassion and self-compassion, you’ll work with a highly-experienced leadership coach to learn skills like:

  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Giving direct, tough feedback
  • Terminating employment
  • Managing challenging personalities
  • Creating performance improvement plans
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Taking action on and communicating unpopular agendas

A compassionate culture does not come at the expense of achievement and excellence.


Tailored compassionate leadership programs help your teams develop skills of awareness, self-compassion, and compassion in the midst of challenging moments, and we work with you to design a program to make these practices systemic and sustainable.


Our highly-experienced Stanford-trained compassion facilitators use engaging and fun approaches for cultivating compassion within your leadership team. 

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Embed compassion within your organization through long-term, tailored engagement with Compassion It’s experienced team of educators and coaches. 

Here are examples of elements we combine to help you develop a culture of compassion:

Monthly or quarterly sessions

High-level Compassion It trainings for teams and leadership

Regular meetings

In-depth Compassion It workshops and discussions with a cohort of team leads and compassion “champions”

Accountability systems

Check-ins and accountability systems designed to keep all team members on track and practicing compassion.

Frequent Compassion It touch points

Multi-channel communication via videos, lessons, challenges, social media, emails, and/or texts to keep compassion and self-compassion front-of-mind

Leadership Development 

Leveraging a combination of leadership coaching and Compassion It programming to develop your leadership team and rising stars to become more compassionate leaders

Quantifiable measures

Assessments to measure program effectiveness 

Compassion It clients include

What is Compassion It? Here's a glimpse.

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