Compassionate Leadership Coaching

Compassion Makes Good Leaders Great.

As a critical component of effective leadership, compassion sets the tone for an organization that has positive intentions and concern for their employees, customers, and communities they service. It creates psychological safety on teams, stronger connections among people, more creative ideas, and better results. 


Compassion creates the context for collaboration and trust – important ingredients for loyalty and long-term employment. When combined with leadership competence and effectiveness, compassionate leadership has the power to move mountains and create truly extraordinary teams and organizations. 

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There is a common misnomer that in order to be a compassionate leader, you must be soft, hold back on tough feedback, keep everyone happy, and never lay off employees. This is far from the truth. Not only can compassionate leadership and results-focused leadership co-exist, the combination can lead to far more impactful results. 

Compassion It is excited to partner with Executive and Leadership Coach, Melissa Eisler, to offer leadership coaching that blends the important pillars of compassion with the tenets of effective leadership.

Centered on the belief that compassion is one of the most important qualities to cultivate in a leader in order to build high-trust, cohesive teams, Melissa uses mindfulness, compassion, self-compassion, trust, and connection as foundations for leadership coaching engagements

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Benefits of Compassionate Coaching

With compassionate coaching, leaders learn to move through even the most difficult leadership challenges in a more compassionate way, including situations that are traditionally void of compassion, such as:


  •       Difficult conversations
  •       Direct, tough feedback
  •       Termination 
  •       Managing challenging personalities
  •       Performance improvement plans
  •       Making difficult decisions
  •       Taking action on and communicating unpopular agendas


 Leaders need compassion, competence, and a propensity for action to be truly effective. If one of these pillars crumbles, that house falls down. The skillful intersection of these three is where compassionate leadership coaching shines. 

About Melissa

Melissa is an ICF certified leadership coach with a master’s degree in organizational leadership and 15+ years of experience leading teams and teaching the tenets of mindfulness and compassion.

As a type-A, task-oriented leader, she learned that when she put more intention and effort into nurturing the relationships with her colleagues, employees, and teams, she was actually more effective than when she prioritized her to-do list over people. This was a difficult and powerful lesson to learn, and also the most important.

Melissa, in partnership with Compassion It, would love the opportunity to support you and your leaders in rising to the challenge of infusing more compassion into leadership at all levels. Learn more about Melissa’s experience here

Leaders are called on to do difficult things, which can be done both effectively – with strong mind and spine – and compassionately – with strong heart – for maximum results.  

How to Integrate Compassionate Leadership Coaching in Your Organization

Compassion It Leadership Coaching is offered on its own, as an add-on service for Compassion It students and clients, and as a component of Compassion It’s Leadership Development Programs. Melissa is also a consultant for Compassion It's leadership development curriculum. 

Learn more about Melissa Eisler and her executive coaching practice here, and learn more about Compassion It’s Organizational Compassion Programs here


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