How to Practice Compassion During a Divisive Time

By Compassion It Team | October 5, 2020

Have you noticed tension rising as we get closer to the election? The divisiveness created by our two-party political system certainly takes the “united” out of…

Invite your enemies to tea

Inviting Your Enemies – or Howard Stern – to Tea

By Compassion It Team | March 7, 2020

What Happens When You Invite Your Enemies to Tea? Howard Stern entered an elevator and found himself face-to-face with Regis Philbin – a man he had…

2019 Highlights

By Compassion It Team | January 6, 2020

As I reflect back on Compassion It’s eighth year, I can’t help but feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and joy.  Here’s why: 1 – We…

How to Disconnect to Connect

By Compassion It Team | November 26, 2019

I don’t know about you, but every year the holiday shopping ads seem to appear earlier and earlier. I get emails about Black Friday, Giving Tuesday* and Cyber Monday, and they tell me, “Click here! Go to our website, and spend your money with us!”

Compassion It Opts to Act with REI

Want to “Compassion It”? Opt to Act with REI

By Compassion It Team | November 26, 2019

In 2015, retail and outdoor recreation services giant REI created a brilliant campaign to get people off of their phones and computers and into the world.…

Embracing YESvember

Embracing the Month of YESvember

By Compassion It Team | November 5, 2019

Ready to end the year on high note? Why not change NOvember into YESvember, and see what happens. Why say “yes”? Saying yes isn’t easy. When…

Compassion It - Compassion at a Refugee Camp - Rwanda

How We Unleashed Compassion at a Refugee Camp – Rwanda Part 3

By Compassion It Team | October 16, 2019

My Compassion It teammate, Burrell Poe, and I joined the organization Alight for a week in Rwanda in order to unleash compassion within the healthcare system at…

Welcoming Refugees with Empathy – Rwanda Part 2

By Compassion It Team | October 16, 2019

What are skillful ways to manage the refugee crisis our world faces? As the number of displaced people rises each year, it’s a pressing question that…

Compassion in Rwandan Refugee Camps

Noticing Compassion at a Refugee Camp – Rwanda Part 1

By Compassion It Team | September 9, 2019

When I was invited by the nonprofit organization, Alight, to help figure out how to unleash compassion within refugee camps, I couldn’t say no. Our world is…

How to Curb Workplace Burnout with Self-Compassion

By Compassion It Team | September 9, 2019

Deadlines, back-to-back meetings, overflowing inboxes – oh my! While they might not be lions, tigers, or bears, the anxiety you might feel from workplace demands can…

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