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Now you can take the challenge ANY TIME of the year!

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You might be wondering... what makes this challenge unique?

It's a step-by-step approach to cultivating compassion over the span of one month. We've tailored this year's challenge to support you during these uncertain times. Plus, we're adding weekly videos and guided meditations.


Week 1 – Mindfulness
Week 2 – Compassion for Friends & Family
Week 3 – Self-Compassion
Week 4 – Compassion for All
Week 5 – Compassion for Our Planet


Is it time-consuming?
Nope. We make this easy for you. As soon as it begins, we’ll send you two PDFs. One will be a calendar you can use as a guide, and the other will include “cheat sheets” of actions you can take each week. We'll also email you each week to offer pointers on that week's theme.


Why would I want to do this?
This is a turbulent time, to say the least. While in the midst of a global pandemic, we're facing a heated and divisive United States presidential election. Compassion can help you cope with these challenges.

Research indicates that there's a ripple effect of compassion. Your compassionate actions may inspire others to incorporate compassion into their daily lives. So, be sure to hashtag #compassionit in your photos, posts, and tweets!


Be sure to invite your friends (and those who challenge you!)

Get ready for a big dose of compassion for ourselves, each other, and our planet.

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