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In 2015, retail and outdoor recreation services giant REI created a brilliant campaign to get people off of their phones and computers and into the world. While every other retailer asked you to spend money on Black Friday, REI told you to take a hike. Literally.

REI closed all of its 150+ stores on Black Friday so that its employees could spend time outside in nature, and it encouraged everyone to join them. The campaign has continued, and this year REI is kicking its #OptOutside campaign up a notch by asking us to “Opt to Act” while we #OptOutside.

REI created a compelling video about how single-use plastic pollutes our planet, and its strong call-to-action will inspire you. The Opt to Act campaign webpage includes a checklist of 52 actions you can take throughout the year as a way to make it easy for you to Opt to Act. 

At Compassion It, our mission is to inspire compassionate ACTIONS and attitudes, so we couldn’t be more excited about supporting REI with its efforts. We hope you’ll #OptOutside and Opt to Act.

While you’re disconnecting from technology, we hope you’re also connecting with the people who matter to you.

About Compassion It

Compassion It is a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire compassionate actions and attitudes through workplace training, personal development training, tools, and content. We envision a world where compassion is practiced by every person, for every person, on every day.

Learn how to “Compassion It” and build a more compassionate world. Share our mission and become a Compassion It Advocate.

Also, did you know we offer compassion training for your workplace? Learn how our training can reduce burnout, help your organization’s bottom line, and foster a more compassionate workplace.

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