How to Disconnect to Connect

I don’t know about you, but every year the holiday shopping ads seem to appear earlier and earlier. I get emails about Black Friday, Giving Tuesday* and Cyber Monday, and they tell me, “Click here! Go to our website, and spend your money with us!”

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Want to “Compassion It”? Opt to Act with REI

Compassion It Opts to Act with REI

In 2015, retail and outdoor recreation services giant REI created a brilliant campaign to get people off of their phones and computers and into the world. While every other retailer asked you to spend money on Black Friday, REI told you to take a hike. Literally. REI closed all of its 150+ stores on Black…

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Embracing the Month of YESvember

Embracing YESvember

Ready to end the year on high note? Why not change NOvember into YESvember, and see what happens. Why say “yes”? Saying yes isn’t easy. When you’re comfortable where you are, why rock the boat?  When I look back on my life so far, some of my most rewarding and enjoyable experiences have come from…

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