How We Unleashed Compassion at a Refugee Camp – Rwanda Part 3

Compassion It - Compassion at a Refugee Camp - Rwanda

My Compassion It teammate, Burrell Poe, and I joined the organization Alight for a week in Rwanda in order to unleash compassion within the healthcare system at refugee camps. This compassionate care initiative, Amandi, began with uncovering obstacles to compassion. After that, we creatively developed solutions to remove those obstacles. We spent the week at the Gihembe…

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Welcoming Refugees with Empathy – Rwanda Part 2

What are skillful ways to manage the refugee crisis our world faces? As the number of displaced people rises each year, it’s a pressing question that needs thoughtful and compassionate answers. This past summer, I saw first-hand how Rwandans welcome refugees with empathy, compassion, and open arms. And I realized we could all learn a…

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