The Best Of 2015

It’s easy to smile as we look back on 2015. 

Here are some highlights:

1 – Thousands of schoolchildren around the world joined the COMPASSION IT movement.

(West Hants SchoolsPlus in Nova Scotia brought COMPASSION IT to 1800 children!)

2 – We led COMPASSION IT training for over 550 college students at UPenn, San Diego State, University of San Diego, Alliant University, and more.

3 – We facilitated the eight-week Compassion Cultivation Training course for health care providers at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. We also led training for the Chicago Earthheart Foundation at the 63rd St. police station.


4 – We helped celebrate the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday (and Gloria Estefan tweeted about us). Check out the COMPASSION IT wrist in the lower left-hand side of the below photo!



5 – Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation on Compassion featured COMPASSION IT wristbands, and Sara addressed the 1,100+ person crowd. (Check out this video of Gabrielle Bernstein asking the audience members to flip their wristbands!)

6 – Speaking of Deepak Chopra, Sara began blogging for the Chopra Center. Read her newest article here.

7 – We began training nonprofits and businesses in compassion.

Clients include:

8 – Over 2,200 people from around the world participated in our first online 30-Day COMPASSION IT Challenge.

9 – We reached 400+ San Diego elementary school children through in-person presentations.

10 – The second-largest retirement home system in the US gave COMPASSION IT wristbands to its team members.

11 – We made a video about Melody and her son, Dylan, that showcases how compassion is the antidote to bullying.

Want to help us reach even more people in 2016?

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