10 Reasons We Loved ’14

10 Reasons We Loved ’14

1 – We keep growing!

COMPASSION IT wristbands are prompting compassionate actions and attitudes in 49 U.S. states, 47 countries and six continents. In fact, just last week, a teacher in Egypt purchased 200 pairs of wristbands for his students. So now we’re “compassioning it” like Egyptians!

(P.S. – We don’t have any wristbands in West Virginia! Can you help?)

2 – We brought compassion cultivation training to Africa

We touched over 500 lives in Botswana by bringing compassion education to schoolchildren and workshops to healthcare workers, educators, clergy members, law enforcement officials, NGO leaders and others. Partnering with the Botho Movement and the Botswana Ministries of Health and Education, we believe it was the first time that a national government sponsored compassion training (and we hope it’s not the last).

Read more here.

3 – We helped schools combat bullying

Haskell Elementary School in Wanaque, New Jersey, was one of many schools that brought COMPASSION IT wristbands and lessons to its school. They focused on a pro-compassion approach instead of just anti-bullying. (And the kids loved it.)

4 – We were mentioned in Huffington Post and Psychology Today

Anti-bullying expert Signe Whitson mentioned our wristbands as a top way to teach compassion to kids. She wrote, “Best. Bracelet. Ever.”

5 – A big name in compassion told others about us

UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova received COMPASSION IT wristbands from Karen Armstrong, internationally renowned scholar on comparative religions and founder of the Charter for Compassion, at the Royal Opera House in London during a talk on compassion and peace. (Wondering who the big name is? Karen Armstrong has been a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. She’s legit.)

6 – The Charter for Compassion raised funds using our wristbands

We created a custom tag for the Charter, and they sold wristbands during Compassion Week. The wristbands didn’t merely generate revenue for the Charter, but they reinforced its Golden Rule message. It was a perfect fit.

7 – The Anthony Robbins Foundation featured COMPASSION IT (again)

Sara was asked to lead hundreds of teens from around the world through a compassion workshop for the second year in a row during TARF’s Global Youth Leadership Summit. And by Anthony, we mean Tony. As in Tony Robbins.

8 – Zach Braff. Tristan Prettyman. Ian Somerhalder. Tim Ryan.

Thanks to our fans, some celebrities and a congressman out of Ohio heard about COMPASSION IT. They wore our wristbands, and we’ve got pics to prove it!

9 – Self-Compassion It wristbands continue to be a hit

People around the world are remembering to be compassionate toward themselves, because our wristbands have been incorporated into the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) course manual. We are so grateful that Kristin Neff, Ph.D., Chris Germer, Ph.D., Steven Hickman, Ph.D., and Michelle Becker, MA, LMFT, are training new MSC instructors around the globe and are encouraging them to provide our wristbands for their students.

(Check out the stellar customer reviews of our Self-Compassion It wristbands!)

10 – COMPASSION IT officially became a nonprofit

AND we finally have our compassion education programs nailed down! This is huge for us, and we are SO EXCITED to be bringing compassion education to schools, communities and businesses around the world.


It’s been real.


Game on.

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