What We Do

Compassion It makes compassion a verb.

As a nonprofit organization and social movement, our mission is to inspire

compassionate actions and attitudes.

Compassion It Products

Compassion It Wristbands

Experience what happens when you make compassion a priority every day. Our reversible wristband is a visual reminder to practice compassion. Flip it from one side to the other when you 'compassion it.' They come in pairs so that you "wear one, share one."


Global Impact


Education Programs

Programs & Workshops

We are moving the world toward peace and global connection through our compassion education programs led by Stanford-trained compassion educators.

Compassion It Advocate

Enhance your life through compassion.

Become an Advocate and receive one pair of reversible Compassion It wristbands, monthly emails to help you cultivate compassion, and good vibes from supporting something bigger than yourself!