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Led by Stanford-trained compassion educators, 

COMPASSION IT programs inspire and positively impact students

of all ages and backgrounds. 


FREE Anti-Bullying & Pro-Compassion Online Program

Looking for ways to decrease bullying and cultivate compassion? We've created a five-part online series delivered straight to your mailbox. 

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Online Intro to Mindfulness & Compassion for Educators

Looking to create a more compassionate classroom? It begins with you! In this one-hour online course, Compassion in the Classroom. Sara Schairer teaches you the basics of mindfulness and compassion and also guides you through brief practices. 


Workshops for Educators

Perfect for any educators who experience burnout during the school year, this in-person workshop is designed to help educators cultivate mindfulness and compassion for themselves and others. Educators will also learn how to incorporate compassion into their classrooms.

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Elementary & Middle School Compassion Education

Are you looking for a unique and pro-social approach to fight bullying? Bring COMPASSION IT to your school.

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Teen/Young Adult Workshop

Are teens in your classrooms experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety? Are you hoping to inspire them to be effective leaders? Compassion, self-compassion, and mindfulness practices may help. 

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Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)

Created by Stanford University, CCT is an 8-week course that develops the qualities of mindfulness, compassion, empathy, and kindness for oneself and others. 

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COMPASSION IT Corporate Leadership Development

Looking for a unique training to enhance your leadership style? Compassion and mindfulness training can foster a more joyful, empathetic, and productive workplace. As more millennials enter the workforce, compassion is becoming more important than ever for keeping retention rates high. 

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