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As a nonprofit organization, COMPASSION IT made compassion a verb; our mission is to inspire daily compassionate actions and attitudes.  We believe everyone is deserving of compassion and happiness, and we envision a day when compassion is practiced by every person, for every person, on every day. 

We are moving the world toward peace and global connection through our compassion education programs and one-of-a-kind reversible COMPASSION IT wristbands—one side reminds you to commit an act of compassion, flip to the other side when your compassionate action is complete.


Since implementing our programs in 2014, we have taught in-person compassion programs to:

2,500+ elementary, middle, and high school students,

1,100+ college students,

950+ adults


COMPASSION IT Wristbands for Classrooms & Schools 

Schools around the world are using our wristbands to create compassionate cultures on campuses. COMPASSION IT "flips" the dialogue from anti-bullying to pro-compassion by teaching kids what TO do as opposed to what NOT to do.

Oglethorpe Point Elementary School in St. Simons Island, Ga., introduced COMPASSION IT to all 750 students and staff members in the fall of 2015, and the wristbands had a tremendous impact on the campus.

Here are a few of the MANY stories we received from teachers of Oglethorpe Point Elementary School:

Feedback from a First Grade Teacher

Students are becoming so invested in the idea of compassion. They cannot wait to brag – mostly on a friend! – when they see someone doing something that they consider “compassionate” and give it the title! 

Feedback from Second Grade Teachers

COMPASSION has affected our classroom by making each of us more aware of our actions towards others.  The awareness is always there like a wonderful undercurrent propelling us to think of others before ourselves.  Students constantly make connections to acts of kindness to others and by others throughout our curriculum.  It has been a very positive experience.

A second grade teacher shared that she is hearing about compassion in other places and it has reminded her to look for way to show compassion to the students in her classroom.

Feedback from a Third Grade Teacher

Students want to share how they have shown compassion - this has heightened their awareness!  They tell me to flip my bracelet when they feel I have shown compassion. 

Feedback from a Fourth Grade Teacher

The students have become much more aware of their peers’ feelings. They also have a visual reminder that helps them to see when they need to show compassion more. There have been several instances where the children have commented on how nice other students have been. 

Feedback from a Fifth Grade Teacher

The students have become much more aware of their peers’ feelings. They also have a visual reminder that helps them to see when they need to show compassion more. There have been several instances where the children have commented on how nice other students have been. 


Global Reach

COMPASSION IT programs have reached audiences of all ages and backgrounds. For example, we've shared COMPASSION IT locally with schoolchildren in San Diego to combat bullying, we've brought COMPASSION IT Leadership training to The Chopra Center staff, and we've cultivated compassion in Africa thanks to a sponsorshop by the Botswana Ministries of Health and Education. Learn more about our programs here.


COMPASSION IT wristbands have reached people on six continents, 50+ countries and 50 U.S. states.



Our goal

We envision 1 million COMPASSION IT wristbands out in the world inspiring compassionate actions. Here’s our count so far:

112,000+ wristbands are out in the world creating COMPASSION IT actions! (Dec 2016)



Watch these videos to hear COMPASSION IT stories from around the world.


1 - Melody Broten, mother (Portland, Oregon)



2 - Carrie Hope Fletcher, YouTube personality (United Kingdom)


3 - Students from Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, California)


4 - Rafael Zambrano, student (Panama City, Panama)


5 - Wishful Thinking, nonprofit (Los Angeles, California)



COMPASSION IT has reached people of all ages and walks of life. Here are a few of their stories.


botswana-03.jpgMagdalena Verheyen, Founder of the Botho Movement

Gabarone, Botswana

The COMPASSION IT wristbands were launched in Parliament. We were able to encourage Ministers and Members of Parliament to 'compassion it'! With gratitude to the people we look up to that inspire us all to COMPASSION IT every day!



(Magdalena also introduced COMPASSION IT wristbands to the President of Botswana!)


sullivan-01.jpgNoah Sullivan, 12, San Diego, California

(Noah hasn’t stopped wearing his wristband since he received it in the spring of 2013.)

People stop and ask me about what I'm wearing. If they already know about it, they ask what good deed I've done to have it on the white side. It helps me to meet new people who care about making a difference. My bracelet helps me think more about helping others.



tedde-01.jpgCelia Tedde, 16, San Diego, California

Our Hebrew High School was recently graced by Sara from COMPASSION IT, and I can easily say that it was one of the best experiences we have had all year.  Together, we talked about important issues, like caring for the others in our community and understanding one another.  Sara's program was truly inspiring, and taught us how to make small changes in our everyday life for the people around us.

In the words of one of our participants, "We are so blessed to have a movement as truly inspiring as COMPASSION IT available to us. It's an honor to join this cause of beautifying the world through even the smallest acts of compassion."

It is great to see so many students walking around wearing bracelets, and to hear them talk about what compassionate thing they did that day.  COMPASSION IT is an amazing movement for all ages, and we are so grateful to Sara for speaking with us.


germer-01.jpgChristopher Germer, Ph.D., Arlington, Mass.

International lecturer, clinical psychologist, instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion

The Self-Compassion It bracelet is a wonderful reminder to include ourselves in the circle of our compassion. So many of us are caregivers of others--children, parents, patients, friends--and we forget to care for ourselves.  As the Dalai Lama says, "Compassion for others requires caring for oneself" and these bracelets help us do just that.  Thank you!


kelly-01.jpgJacob Kelly, 13, London, England

I love this idea so much that I bought four pairs for me and my friends.  It’s already drastically changed my life for the better, and we can't help but gasp at the amazing effect it has had on our little club of compassioners.  We check up on each other often checking what has been done. Your work is inspirational and it is affecting loads of lives on a daily basis.  It's made me value life a whole lot more than I ever have, and it's made me feel brilliant.

(Several months later, we got this note from Jacob.)

I just wanted to say that after everything, after all, I didn't have a COMPASSION IT week. I'm having a COMPASSION IT eternity. People are still wearing these bracelets, still flipping them, still becoming better people every day because of this. I just had to thank you for everything you've done because this has made the world a much better place. I thought the picture might be a good idea for photo Friday. It's meant to represent an infinite amount of compassion throughout a finite amount of people. I'm so pleased this all happened.


Christina Syrkiewicz, 17, Gold Coast, Australia

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this amazing movement. I only started my daily random acts of kindness a few months ago, but it has had such a major impact on my personality and day to day life. So many people have asked me about it and just loved the idea! So, thank you!!


tanner-01.jpgCasey Tanner, Northbrook, Ill.

When three boys from our local high school passed away within one month's time, my community was left without hope.  No simple fundraiser could have lifted us into the healing process - however, our fundraiser through COMPASSION IT was ideal.  We asked our community to go beyond financial giving into the giving of themselves in honor of the boys we had lost, and our compassionate actions jump-started a period of hope and vision.  Plus, we raised over $4,000, which we divided equally among the boys' families.  








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