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Why We’ve Been Playing Toto on Repeat

We’re heading to Africa! (I think I’ll write that again so that it can sink in.) We’re heading to Africa!COMPASSION IT is thrilled and honored to announce our first international compassion education initiative. Two Stanford University-trained compassion teachers (the brilliant Susan Knier and yours truly) are heading to Botswana to share compassion cultivation techniques with empathy-fatigued nurses, social [...]

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Top 6 Reasons Why July was COMPASSION IT-ly Epic

As a nonprofit based in San Diego, California, we believe we’ve earned the right to use these words to best describe this past month.July was rad. It was an epic month!1 - We were in Huff PostAnti-bullying expert Signe Whitson's blog “8 Ways to Teach Compassion to Kids” in Huffington Post features COMPASSION IT, What did Signe write about us? A lot. [...]

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Can World Cup Soccer Create Compassion?

Do you think it’s possible that World Cup soccer can make us more compassionate?I daresay it IS possible.This morning, I threw together a red, white, and blue outfit and walked next door to watch USA vs. Germany with my neighbor. I left after the first half in order to get to a meeting (poor scheduling on my [...]

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I am the Warrior

I think I’ve made a mistake.People keep asking me, “What nice thing did you do to flip your wristband?” Volunteers explain COMPASSION IT by saying, “It’s a movement that promotes daily acts of kindness.” I even hear, “You must be non-stop nice if you’re the founder of COMPASSION IT.”I think I’ve painted a rosy picture of compassion by mistake, and it’s [...]

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Making Compassion a Habit (sort of)

I’ve been reading a lot lately.If you saw my nightstand, you would notice 11 books stacked in two piles. There’s barely enough room for my lamp. I’m reading books on leadership, books on compassion, books on religion, books on bullying, books on marketing, books on the brain. I’m starting to sound like a nerdy [...]

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Monday Mantras

Do you ever feel like NOT wearing your COMPASSION IT bracelet, because it seems like too much work every day?I’m excited to announce a new way of inspiring you, our COMPASSION IT Champions, to stay motivated to flip your bracelets. My team is creating a weekly video series that we’re calling Monday Mantra.My talented college [...]

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Meet Rafael (age 17) of Panama

Rafael Zambrano, 17, of Panama City, Panama, started COMPASSION-ing IT last summer, and he shared an incredible story with us. We loved it so much that we asked him to make a video about his COMPASSION IT experience.Please read Rafael’s heart-warming and inspiring story below, and check out the charming video that he created about [...]

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Top 10 Highlights from 2013

As I look back at COMPASSION IT’s first full year in existence, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. Frankly, I’m a little blown away. Because of all of YOU, we are fulfilling our mission to inspire daily compassionate actions around the world.Here are 10 highlights from 2013:1 – Five thousand COMPASSION IT bracelets [...]

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Compassionate Soles

Sometimes I need a little compassion inspiration. Thankfully, I don’t need to search high and low for it. To get my fix, I simply hop on Facebook and read an update from my friend, Peach. Madison Steiner, aka “Peach,” loves to paint. (I’d call her an artist, but she doesn’t like labels.) She used to paint [...]

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WANTED: Ambassadors

Are you a fan of COMPASSION IT? Do you like sharing our message with your friends and family? Do you want to meet other compassion-minded folks from around the world?If you’ve answered “yes” to the above questions, then you are in for a treat! (If you’ve answered “no,” I invite you to check out THIS [...]

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